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October 16 2017

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Deep sea crab feeding on bioluminescent algae.

deep sea crab brimming with immesurable power

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October 14 2017

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So very true

Kids that young are essentially gender neutral, and are still being taught ‘gender norms’ by adults who should know better. 

I have the world’s most precious nephew.  When he was 3, he asked his mom and grandma if he could be a girl. Now, my family is smart.  Both his mom and his grandma asked “why?”  He said it was so he could have long hair. 

His mom showed him photos of famous musicians with long hair, along with Johnny Depp.  His grandma showed him photos of Brad Pitt, Troy Polamalu, and Jared Leto with long hair.  Then they told him “Boys can have long hair, see?”  He said “oh” and went on about his life being a boy.

When he was 4, this same nephew decided again that he wanted to be a girl. This time, the reason was so he could wear skirts and paint his nails.  Same reaction: his mom and grandma showed him photos of men in kilts, and men with painted nails, and said “boys can do that, too.”  He said “oh”, and decided he was okay being a boy. 

At the root of it, he didn’t really want to be a girl. He just wanted to do the same things he saw his mama doing. When he understood he didn’t have to be a girl to do those things, he shrugged it off and was cool with being a boy.

Now, if he ever adamantly decides that he is a girl, not that he wants to be a girl, myself, his mom, and his grandma will be okay with that. We just want to make sure he actually is transgender instead of deciding “oh he wants to do these things, so he is a girl.” We are extremely firm believers in making educated decisions. 

I feel that a transgender four year old is more like a cat who is vegan because the cat’s owner’s misunderstood the cat eating grass to mean it is vegan.


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My brother is in Malala’s course in oxford and he just sent me this from their groupchat

i cannot believe we are living in a time where we can witness a real-life nobel peace prize nominee, a young woman who has been face-to-face with a terrorist and not only survived but went on to spend every day of the rest of her life confronting the world’s most powerful head-on and saving the world, a living legend, a real-life superhero, using smiley face emojis in a facebook messenger groupchat with her classmates

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Japanese food art!✨  -> my twitter 

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October 13 2017

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October 11 2017

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That's what I'd like to see...
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