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April 23 2017

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It’s so gross and hypocritical to frame food waste as a personal failing. Like, people are dying of hunger because someone forgot some leftovers at the back of their fridge and ended up throwing them away. Major chain grocery stores throw away millions of pounds of food because it’s “too much work” to donate it, and then poison it and destroy it when they throw it away to punish dumpster diving. 

Waste is not a personal failing. It’s engineered by corporations, and they profit off of obscuring that.   

Much like water waste - shaming a dripping bathroom faucet for wasting water, while hundreds of gallons get wasted in industrial settings.

Always be suspicious of micro-focused framing of environmental issues, when there’s the possibility of macro-level issues hiding behind them.

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my internship boss was talking about how he had to work in a mail room to make ends meet during college where he “only made $6/hr” and

Your casual reminder that if the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, it’d be a little over $22/hour today!

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In Detroit, squirrels attend a tiny art gallery showcasing tiny paintings of squirrels by Joshua Ryals.  

The gallery provided peanuts as refreshments.

One squirrel, Swiper, was given an almond dark chocolate Nature’s Valley bar for working security.

My gallery. 

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Mariusz Hermanowicz
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April 22 2017

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on a saturday. 

nashville, tennessee

emily blincoe

february 2017

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Magdalena Abakanowicz (1930 - 2017)
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April 21 2017

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James Merry’s Embroidery

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Hermit crab using a skull for a shell

Reblog if you support goth crab

Character Concept

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Too depressed to be awake? Not depressed enough for a Depression Nap™? Welcome to Existential Crisis Wrapped in Blanket!

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