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May 13 2017

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Hong Kon color blocking, Justyna Zduńczyk

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  • last two letters of your first name
  • middle two letters of your last name
  • first two letters of your mother’s name
  • last letter of your father’s name

mine would be Urlelan. Reblog and tag this with yours!

I love this because half of the people are getting amazing, fantasy names and the other half are getting unpronounceable ones. 


Mine is tazebaaw :)

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Loo Lah; 2014; acrylic on wood; 95 x 45"


To all you overthinkers (including me): take a breath, it’s going to be fine. I promise

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High school cliques: the jocks, the theatre kids, the anime fans, the stoners, and the motley crew of weirdos who don’t seem to have any discernible commonality but are all inexplicably drawn to one another and feel a strange sort of kinship, who will all independently experience epiphanies a few years later when they realize they’re LGBTQ.

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When the whole squad gets together for Sunday brunch.

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May 10 2017



i witnessed the most fascinating thing today imo…my 4th grade art class were talking while they did their work and one of them was like “if you work hard all your life…….it means NOTHING” and their response was to all crack up and start running with this bit like. “you work all your life on an oil painting. the mayor comes in. he says ‘i didn’t even ask you to do that painting.’” they kept going giving examples of nothing mattering and laughing hysterically. they’re 9. like, we think OUR humor is depressing or w/e, how are THEY going to be

Millennials are depressed but the Gen Z kids are straight up nihilists

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May 09 2017

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Just found out neanderthal passed on the DNA for depression and now we know why they stayed in caves and painted horses all fuckin day 

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